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Thank you for visiting this website.
In order to respect and protect personal data and privacy, the following statement is intended as the explanation for the Seed Project Mobile Museum (hereby refer to as the Company) and the Company’s approach in collecting online users’ personal data from the Company’s website and also its parameters, means of utilization, ways for searches and/or adjustments.

1‧The collection of personal data is in accordance with the “ Personal Data Protection Act of R.O.C.”
2‧If you are simply just browsing through this website, your personal data will be not collected by the Company. To enter into the “Members Only” page, you will need to fill-out your e-mail address and password; other personal data will not be required.
If you wish to use the functions of “Contact Us” or “Membership Sign-up” to request for further updates and services from us, your personal data, such as name, gender, telephone, e-mail, and other relevant information, will be required. Upon filling out and sending the information to us, it would signify that you agree for the Company to store and manage those data provided. The purpose of this is to be able to contact you in order to complete the membership process and confirmation. Should you choose to not provide the information for any of the optional items requested, your rights will not be affected. However, failure to provide any required data will result in the inability to use any relevant services.
3‧After the data has been sent out by you, the Company will proceed to confirm your identity, be in contact with you, provide the Company’s services and information, and/or conduct research and analysis with the e-mail address, cellular phone number, other contact phone number and personal data provided.
4‧Besides providing related contents or services from the Company, with authorization granted by you, or required by the Personal Data Protection Act or other laws and regulations, any personal data collected from the Company’s website will not be transferred to a third party or other non-affiliated companies.
5‧Please take care to protect your personal online password and personal data, and do not provide your personal data to other people. Please be reminded to log-out of your account upon the completion of using the services provided on the website. Should you be using a public computer or sharing a computer with others, please also terminate the browser window upon logging-out.
6‧Should you need to search, review, adjust, add, delete or request the Company to stop collecting, processing, utilizing your personal data or provide copies of your personal data, please contact the Company via the following e-mail for the Seed Project Mobile Museum, leadjade.seed@gmail.com. We will adjust, delete, or process your requests accordingly as soon as possible.
7‧This Privacy Policy will take into effect when you fill-out your personal data. Should you have any questions regarding the Seed Project Mobile Museum’s online privacy policy or your personal data, please contact us via the following e-mail for the Seed Project Mobile Museum, leadjade.seed@gmail.com.
8‧In response to any changes pertaining to the social environment and regulations, and also progress of technological development, in order to protect your privacy, the Company will make amendments to this policy from time to time. We ask that you check this website regularly to protect your rights.
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